You will find here the different tickets for The Overkill festival 2023 with prices terms and conditions. You can get a festival ticket, a day ticket or an event ticket. The physical festival is happening in the city center of Enschede, Korte Hengelosestraat 1, 7511 JA.


Festival Pass (4 days)

Buy a full 4 day festival to have access to every event, take your time to visit the exhibition, join the LARPers, follow all the talks and workshops … The festival is open from Thursday 16 to Sunday 19 of November, with the main exhibition/ head quarter at Sickhouse Fire Station and some side program in Sickhoes in the Rijksmuseum Twenthe.

€35(regular) €25 (students)


Single Day Pass (1 day)

Buy a ticket for the day of your choice. This gives you access to the day and night program of the day. The opening Day has a special price has you will have to roll 3 dice at the entrance. You still need to book your ticket online first.

€13(regular) €10 (students)


Single Event Ticket

You can book a ticket for a single event, If you wish to come only for specific moment of the festival. Look at the program to find the tickets associated to each event.

€7 (regular and students)