Escape the Gator

Team Bas n´Cas

Video game
Escape the Gator is a local player versus player racing survival game.
Player one, the vicious alligator, has to protect his territory from the pesky canoe driver.
Player two, the canoe driver, has to get his way out of the swamp, before the alligator destroys his boat and eats him alive!
A fun and immersive experience, giving you the adrenaline kick, while also impressing with its beautiful environment.
Team Bas n´Cas is Bas Meddeler, Cas Weerkamp, Senne Oogink, Chris Peters, Ruslans Aleksejevs, Alex Wójtowicz and Julian Riel.
This game was created by CMGT students especially for the festival. A jury of professionals selected the most fitting project out of 11 incredible installations.