LARP as an art practice

Susan Ploetz, Juliette Lizotte, Jana Romanova & Alessandro Giovanucci

Panel discussion
Jana Romanova, Juliette Lizotte and Alessandro Giovanucci, moderated by Susan Ploetz
Friday 17-11 at 15.00

In this discussion the guests are invited to share their experiences and the way they create and use LARP in their practices. We are wondering how this transformed their creative processes, what role and space they give to the public/players, where do you present such art, what are the impact of such immersive experiences …

Susan Ploetz (US/DE) is an artist-researcher working with somatics, theory, writing, performance, sound, simulation and live action role plays (larping) in different configurations. Her work deals with the overlapping spaces of soma and technos; she uses imagination, magical materiality, and protocol to induce emancipatory emotive dissonances and perceptual expansion.

jujul0v3 aka Juliette Lizotte (FR) works with world building, video, performance, experimental publishing, and music production. Inspired by feminist science fiction, manga, pop culture & fantasy, her current research focuses on witches as ecofeminist key figures, for their marginality, their unsetling relationship with nature and their engagement with unconventional knowledges to empower bodies and minds. She regularly gives world building, experimental publishing and video workshops. She is an active member of Hackers & Designers in Amsterdam and a DJ, resident on Lyl Radio and Kiosk Radio in Brussels.

Jana Romanova (RU) is a multidisciplinary artist inspired by misunderstandings. She works with performance and game practices, using photography and video as tools to discover gaps between what we say and what we do. She takes these breaches in communication as possibilities for being together, whatever that could mean. Before starting an artistic practice, Jana has been active as a game designer for live-action role-playing games (LARP) for about nine years, developing both intimate (up to 5 players) and large-scale (around 200 players) experiences. She will be hosting the dinner/Swamp gathering for the festival participants on Wednesday. (for the volunteers, organisation and artists of the festival)

Alessandro Giovanucci (IT) is an award-winning italian larp designer and larp theorist. He co-founded the larp collective Chaos League and wrote the Southern Way Manifesto. His  well known international larp include Sahara Expedition, The secrets we keep and Miskatonic university. His chamber larp has been translated into several languages. He’s also a musician and a lecturer. Curious, friendly and proudly antifa.