The Toad's Descent: Lost Culture

Silly little games TM

Video Game multiplayer
The Toad’s Descent: Lost Culture is a two-player, cooperative game played by two people. The toad, our hero, goes on a challenging journey that takes it deeper and deeper into a swamp filled with old pieces of tech, memes, and other remains of the long-gone human race. To accomplish this, the toad relies on your help and strong communication, as you each control one creature leg.
Team Silly little games TM is Anastasiia Volkova, Anastasia Dvoryanchikova, Ciprian Cristian, Ioana Stan, Lia Baysal, Deniss Gerasimovs, Menno Stienstra

This game was created by CMGT students especially for the festival. A jury of professionals selected the most fitting project out of 11 incredible installations.