POTOP, swallow me

Radina Kordova

Saturday 18-11 at 21.00

POTOP, swallow me”, follows the internal and external transformations of Cim, a survivor of a hydro-apocalyptic event. This takes place in a limbo environment, shrouded in mist, moist, malfunctions and murkiness, where Cim embraces the inevitable change from a human to an amphibian creature. Talking to the fish, they begin to understand the importance of multispecies collaboration, deep listening and fluidity. They soak in the depths of an underwater world, rest in the clouds of an ever expanding server and sit on the ground near the swamp, becoming one with everything around them. Cim is a post-human entity, who travels through portals, wifi, energy, water and land in search of connection and the urge to understand human society. *This performance is a continuation of an earlier work, titled, POTOP(flood).

Radina Kordova is a mixed media performance artist from Bulgaria, currently living and working in Groningen, The Netherlands. Radina draws inspiration from speculative fiction, solarpunk, human behaviour and deep listening. She reflects on post-human environments by creating soundscape installations, performances, sculptures and textual pieces. Her practice is driven by storytelling, sonic explorations, experimenting and working with different materials. Radina loves to collaborate and next to being an autonomous artist, she works towards organising, curating and production. She recently obtained a MFA in “MadTech” at the Frank Mohr Institute and is currently working for
Groningen-based art institutions like Het Resort and Gallery Noorderlicht.