R U Dead Yet?

Most Dismal Swamp

video installation

Extrapolated from Most Dismal Swamp’s recent project, Scraper (2023), R U Dead Yet? presents the bog-drumbled chorus and fetid plainsong of a subterranean confraternity; the murmuring invocations of three bog-bodied siblings. An acid-pessimism ‘song of songs’ erupts in gaseous liturgy from a sodden anchorhold, bemired and encrypted in the semiotic slurry of our digital swamp.

Credits :
CGI – Harry Sanderson
Music – Renaissance of Worthlessness by Crawl
Words and voice – Dane Sutherland
Installation design – Dane Sutherland

Most Dismal Swamp is a mixed-reality biome; a place and a practice where a dank miasma of fictions, artists, model worlds, adversarial realisms, external hard drives, camera-tracking data, campfires, opaque rituals, game engines, amateur heresies, visual effects plug-ins, and other animals come together. A Multi-User Shared Hallucination dredged from the swamp of our contemporary mixed-reality system.
Emerging from the curation, artwork, and research of Dane Sutherland, Most Dismal Swamp’s multimedia projects involve collaboration, commissioning, and convivial speculation with many other artists. These projects are modular and densely populated film projects that continue to explore the integration of digital technologies and have been presented across various immersive and bespoke installations and online.