Monster Garden

Matilde Patuelli

Interactive Session (10 to 15 participants)
Friday 17-11 at 14.00

Welcome little Monster to your own Workshop!  We provide a temporary and safe environment for swamp monsters to run free in The Overkill Festival. We will all go through a gradual, playful, non-permanent (or not) transformation, from human to animals, then monsters, and then maybe, back to being humans again. We will design our own characters and we will embody them. We will journey together from within to outside, co-creating a moving garden of unique creatures. Will we remain the same? Will we see the festival and the world around us differently? Let’s answer these questions together

Matilde Patuelli is a social designer and research artist. Her work explores reality perception, social constructs, and human interaction under the lens of care and well-being. In her projects often the research gets translated into fictional narrational tools through the use of diverse languages, aiming to reinforce empathetic capacity and explore multiple perspectives.
At the present time, she is developing her practice by looking at the fields of anthropology and psychology and learning how to incorporate larp (live action role play) as a narrational and experiential tool for co-creation within this exploration.

Maria Saridaki is a game studies & interactions researcher, a playful facilitator, and a cultural manager. She is currently the artistic director of Trust in Play: European School of Urban Game Design. Maria has a PhD in inclusive playful interactions and digital games from University of Athens, a post-doc on Digital Storytelling for women in vulnerable social groups and an Msc in Information Management where I researched friendly interactions in MMORPGs. I currently work on XR, playful interactions and magical rituals, while researching urban game design funded by Creative Europe.