Trans-species sonic narratives

Kiik Amor

Official opening / performative meditation session
Thursday 16-11 at 20:30

A live, trans-fictional sonic narrative of mutualism, symbiosis and fluid storytelling takes the form of a live guided voiceover in conversation with Chat GPT-3, blended with live sound, composition, and movement exercises. In this performative meditation session, Kiik guides the audience through the concept of trans-sonic world-building, and the means to create trans-sonic futures and possible ways of being. They present sound to be a trans-natured, trans-materialist entity that embodies and re-bodies our experiential selves over and over again, letting us enter new and explorative ways of being hybrid.

In creating trans-sonic worlds, Kiik proposes that it’s possible to create something beyond human: a language, a doorway, a gateway into different universes. Different sonic powers or sonic-agenda functions for feelings or emotions, which can’t be explained via human language, can be harnessed.

Kiik Amor is a non-binary / trans artist from the UK working within the field of Experimental Design and Sonic arts. Their work is based at the intersection of information experience design, performance art, and trans-sonic worldbuilding. They present speculative hybrid worlds, exploring companion species and queer/trans sonic narratives through multidisciplinary experiences. For their artistic work, they manipulate latex, glass, and silicone to create sound sculptures that function as abstract forms of communication.