A tale for seven voices (Sorgin Pastorala)

Juliette Lizotte

A tale for seven voices is a first low tech version of Sorgin Pastorala, an interactive audiovisual work in progress that opens a new chapter in Juliette Lizotte’s research around ecofeminism and witchcraft inspired by her Basque ancestry.

Juliette’s family originated from the valley in the French Basque Country. For this new work she dives into the Basque mythology, pre-christian beliefs, its history and folklore to reflect on different ways of organizing society, in an auto-ethnographic and amateur anthropologic twisted perspective that becomes a starting point to imagine a uchronic sci-fi fantasy world just on the edge of reality.

This non linear tale weaves through seven characters that inhabit the Basque landscape: genies of nature, spirits, hybrid creatures, non-humans… between reality and fiction, memories and collective memory, history and storytelling… Flow into an oneiric journey through animated landscapes and magical artefacts.

The installation is made in collaboration with Noah Cohen, and activated through interactive storytelling performances.
The characters were developed together with Noah Cohen, Izaro Ieregi, Juliette Garms, Jon Regueiro, Ane Sagüés Abad, Maider Aldasoro during 3 world-building sessions between June and July 2023.