Liminal Lands

Jakob Kudsk Steensen

VR installation

Liminal Lands is a transitional zone where fundamental energies of sun, salt, wind, water and bacteria collide in a hybrid reality. Gathered during over a year of fieldwork in the salt marshes of the Salin de Giraud region in southern France, real photographic and audio elements were digitised and revived in 3D by artist Jakob Kudsk Steensen into a synchronised composition that highlights the otherwise unseen macro-and microscopic ecosystems of the wetlands.

Liminal Lands reveals life-shaping transformations, invisible to the naked eye. Existing in both video and VR format, the experience begins slowly and rhythmically, leading the viewer away from the familiar human realm into a plant, animal, and bacterial metamorphosis of life and technology. Scales are manipulated, stretched and expanded, showing each micro-landscape of the wetlands from a changed perspective. A spatial sound system combines an artistic soundscape with natural recorded material from the local environment.

Every sound, form and texture inLiminal Lands has been digitized from the salt marshes of Salin de Giraud, in the Camargue region of the south of France. By recreating this very real, yet very remote setting in the context of the virtual, visitors can explore the unexplored, and meditate on the differences in scale between human and geological time as well as the evolution of the landscape’s biodiversity. The 3D reconstructive technology becomes a sensory tool for a ritualistic environmental experience.

Liminal Lands is one of a trilogy of Steensen’s immersive artworks focusing on wetlands and their forgotten natural histories. Wetlands cover 1% of the planet’s surface, but they account for10% of all biodiversity. They are at the cradle of human life, as wetlands function as filters creating sustainable sources of freshwater.Liminal Lands brings a new, slow sensibility to these otherwise overlooked environments, encouraging visitors to re-examine their relationship to the ecosystems beneath their feet