Liquid Forest

Isabelle Arvers & Gaël Manangou

video machinima, 10’56min, 2023
Screening : Friday 17-11 / 20.00

Does the white man really not know that if he destroys the forest, the rain will stop? And that if the rain stops, he won’t have anything to eat or drink?” David Kopenawa*, Yanomami activist philosopher, quoted by scientist Antonio Donato Nobre in a TEDxAmazonia** who explains how each tree “sweats” releasing more than 1,000 liters of water into the atmosphere every day, becoming a vertical river. If there are no more forests, there will be no more water.

The baobabs in West Africa, but also in Madagascar, are disappearing. And these trees, whose spongy wood makes them perfect receptacles for the community’s water, which turns them into cistern trees, have been dying for the last ten years. Liquid Forest plunges you into these vertical rivers, inviting you to swim in the baobabs, in the corals and to immerse yourself in a gender fluid way, in a universe that is more than binary and in realities that are more than multiple, because everything is interconnected.

La chute du ciel a book by David Kopenawa
** Há um rio sobre nós, Antonio Donato Nobre conference, TEDxAmazonia 2010