Icy Sneakers – Eqla

Symbios is a strategy video game in which your role will be critical: managing the balance within a living being. Plunge into the universe of the infinitely small and make the right decisions facing characters ranging from the funniest to the most unsympathetic to achieve the state of Symbiosis.

Easy to handle, Symbios is inspired by the mechanisms of Tinder, as the game Reigns did. All you need is a simple swipe to solve your biggest problems… or create them !

The Belgian  organization Eqla, which works on a daily basis with and for blind and partially-sighted people, has created the Icy Sneakers development team to diversify the ways to pursue its mission. The aim of this new challenge is to create a brand new video game as inclusive and accessible as possible by taking this issue into account from the outset of the project.

Nicolas Curri, Philip Dupont, Sandrine Gooris, Sophie Janin and Soufyan Ben Abderrahman, the members of Icy Sneakers, have therefore decided to work with people with disabilities to test and even develop the game. By calling on Walid Barakat, a visually impaired colleague, to produce the soundtracks, for example, they hope to highlight Eqla’s ideals in the world of video games.

During The Overkill festival you are invited to test the game for the first time! Your feedback are welcome, don’t hesitate to play and chat with the team present at the festival.