Harvey Rabbit

Germany 2023, 72 minutes, English, Subtitles: English
Screening : Friday 17-11 / 22:30, in presence of the film maker

A campy fantasy film about internalized homophobia, the tyranny of the closet and the fear of a gay planet, „Captain Faggotron Saves the Universe“ is a direct response to the Orlando night club shooting, the rising power of the alt-right in the USA, the persecution of homosexuality in Russia, and the violence that follows queer people of all genders throughout their lives. The film follows a tradition deeply rooted in queer survival history: By confronting heteronormative structures, camp exposes absurdities of the mainstream in a way that allows us to laugh. Humor is a weapon, and camp is a tool of joyful resistance.

Father Gaylord ran away to the church to avoid being gay, but he’s not doing a very good job. Meanwhile, his alien ex-lover Queen Bitch is plotting to turn the Earth into a homosexual planet during a cosmic event. Queer super hero Captain Faggotron is caught in the middle. Clashing ideologies culminate in an orgy of gay demons and a love that no longer has to hide.

i am so fucking angry at this film, which, with all-trans, non-binary, queer cast, could be a trashy glittery masterpiece. and it’s horrible.” someone on letterbox

Harvey Rabbit will be present at the screening and will introduce the film.