Swamp Rules

Emily Koonce

Playful session / Friday 17-11 at 16:30
Swamp Rules
As we navigate the lurking uncertainties of the swamps in our lives, playing games together remains a consistent way to share and interrogate our values, regardless of any material resources we may have lost in the murky waters. This workshop will consist of a series of folk games centered around developing connections between one another, examining the space around us, and the way our relationships with each other are affected by the space around us. Spectating is also welcome for anyone who wants to participate but not play.
Emily Koonce (she/her) is a writer, educator, and game designer interested in the intersection of folk games, philosophy, and education. She has worked as an adjunct professor at the NYU Game Center where she taught classes on game development and theater games, as the program director of the National Student Leadership Conference’s game design high school program, and as a Meow at Babycastles in NYC. She is currently based in Chicago where she can be found turning movies into drinking games, giving riddles to strangers at parties, or working on crockpot, her game about being bored in the suburbs.