AI art: aesthetics (and ethics) in a digital age

Dr. Y.J. Erden

Thursday 16-11 / 16:00

AI generated art offers us the chance to explore familiar questions in aesthetics in new ways. This includes on topics such as function, meaning, and value in art, and on ideas of creativity and authenticity. Such concepts can be challenged or strengthened when considered in relation to generative AI. Meanwhile, the use of these technologies and how they are developed, raise ethical questions, including about the impact on creative people and industries. In this talk we’ll explore these issues by asking what might be some differences between human and AI generated art, and whether such differences matter.

YJ is an Interdisciplinary philosopher based at the University of Twente and working on topics in science and technology. Her research covers minds and brains (psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience), philosophy of technology (especially AI), and human enhancement (especially neurotechnologies). For the latter, she recently co-authored ethics guidelines on human enhancement (published in Science). Her philosophical work spans philosophy of language, personal identity, ethics, epistemology, and aesthetics. She is on the committee for the Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour (AISB) and is a council member of the Royal Institute of Philosophy.