All Rise

Dr. Joost Vervoort & team

Game demo
Friday 17-11 at 11:00

All Rise is a video game where you take fossil fuel giants to court. You step in the shoes of a climate lawyer and activist, in a world that is like and yet unlike ours. This is a game of emotional strategy, where evidence and lines of argument help you win emotional struggles with different people in society just as much as getting wins in court. The game is playful and dark, subversive and slightly absurd. Think Ace Attorney meets Disco Elysium.

The All Rise team, under the name Speculative Agency, consists of a unique combination of researchers and game developers with unique experience in the industry (Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West, 80 Days, Sable, Paradise Killer, League of Legends..). In this session, we will present the development process of the game and showcase a game prototype that we will play through together with the audience.

Photo credits: all rise inspiration: Enora Mercier