Derk Over

Participative Performance
Saturday 18-11 / 14.00 to 17.00

HET NK CHILLEN is a Competative Leisuring Championship in which 6 provcincial finalists compete for the title of “Dutch National Champion Competative Leisuring”. During this 3 hour competition, the finalists share their bio-metric data through Garmin-provided bio-metric wearables, which will be viewable on a large display screen.

As viewers of HET NK CHILLEN, you will be invited to be the definitive jury and judge the provincial finalists on the aesthetic, bio-metric, symbiotic, and ideological qualities of their “chilling”.
Visit the Overkill Festival at 14:00 on the 18th of November to support the Competative Leisuring scene with your vote!

We from HET NK CHILLEN would like to invite you to participate in our next competition!

  • When: 18th of november 14:00 till 17:00 (arrival time 13:00)
  • What: HET NK CHILLEN is an interactive performance of 3 hours long where 6 participants try to competitively chill against each other, while being hooked up to chest-wearable heart rate monitors. The audience of The Overkill festival (ticket holders) will be able to see your heart rate on a live (offline) beamer and judge your “chillness” based on your biometric data.
  • What we need from you: Bring your chillest self in physical form to The Overkill festival and all items that make you as comfortable as possible. Your favourite book, tea, stuffed animals, etcetera. We would also like to discord call with you on your phone, which we will mount on your head, with a go-pro head mount.
  • What we bring: Furniture for you to chill on, an orange event polo shirt, an orange sleeping bag/blanket, head mounted device for your phone to view yourself.
  • IMPORTANT: During the performance, you will chill in a square of 2×2 meters and are expected to performatively chill there for the duration of 3 hours! There is a toilet nearby, so you can take little breaks if needed. We would also like to install the software “pulsoid” on your phone, which allows the heart rate monitor to stream your biodata to the beamer. This is a common streaming method in the twitch-gaming community. Because we would like you to use your phone to discord stream yourself, we would invite you to find a way to chill without using your phone during the event!
  • Time: we ask you to arrive at 13:00 to calibrate the technology and to calibrate social safety protocols!
  • email: mail derkover@gmail.com if your are interested in participating or have any questions!