Michelle Vossen & Verle Pennock

Craft & Electronics

Workshop textile & sound
Sunday 19.11 / 13.00

Have you always wanted to experience how a sensor works? Or how you convert an action into a reaction? Then come to The Overkill on Sunday and learn how to make soft, cuddly sensors using various textile techniques.

By embroidering or knitting with electricity-conducting threads, you can control sound, light and movement. The embroidery, or knitting, can be used as a sensor. This is called e-textile. E-textile offers the possibility of converting touch, pinching or tension into data. During this Waag Open edition, we will focus on sound: at the end of the evening, we will test the homemade sensors right away, and conclude with a musical jam session…

Michelle Vossen (designer and maker) and Veerle Pennock (soldering and hardware expert and founder of Acid Solder Club) offer you an accessible entry into the world of electronics. They have set themselves the challenge of making electronics tangible and audible: e-textile lend themselves perfectly to this!

In this workshop, you will learn various textile techniques that you can then apply independently to make your own soft sensors. You will walk out of this workshop with self-made textile sensors.

NB: suitable for all levels and backgrounds!