LARP as art practice

Alessandro Giovanucci

speaker LARP as art practice
Friday 17-11 / 15.00

Alessandro Giovannucci is an Italian award-winning game designer and lecturer. He works on the intersection between immersive experience, interactive storytelling and role-play. He’s co-founder of the larp collective Chaos League with which he designed some of the most influential larp on the international scene: Miskatonic University, Sahara Expedition, The secrets we keep and Bunker 101. Alessandro worked also in tabletop games and mixed/augmented reality, working with museums, institutions, universities and European Founds. He’s regularly invited to hold talks, classes and workshops about audience engagement, collaborative storytelling and interactive performances. He is also a game curator. His projects have been featured in multiple newspapers and magazines (New Yorker, The Guardian, Wired, Radio Rai3).