Transpecies Passage

Manel De Aguas

live performance
Friday 17-11 at 20:00

Transpecies Passage is a musical poem that explores the understanding of identity outside the human construct. The poem is read along a sound piece that features live weather data transformed into sound by De Aguas’ cybernetic organ Weather Fins – in addition to other electronic sounds.

For this edition, De Aguas will be connecting to weather data from worldwide swamp areas in order to transform their atmospheres into sound.

Manel De Aguas is a Catalan cyborg and transpecies artist, activist, producer and performer based in Berlin, best known for developing and installing weather sensory fins in his head. The fins, formally known as ‘Weather Fins’, allow him to hear atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity through implants at each side of his head. His artistic practice also includes music production and performance, where he explores the weather through sound offering the audience a sonic experience of the atmosphere.

De Aguas studied contemporary photography and music production in Barcelona and became Cyborg Foundation’s artist in residence in 2017. Later, he co-founded the Transpecies Society, an association that gives voice to people who do not identify as being 100% human and raises awareness on the issues they face. The association, based in Barcelona, offered  workshops specialized in the design and creation of new sensory organs.