The Horde: Goblin Mode is a LARP experience that fuses environmental sensibilities with immersive storytelling and strategical gameplay where every choice matters.
The game will embrace the entire space of the festival, inviting visitors, artists, and players to act together. A variety of artworks featured by the festival will be in direct dialogue with the Horde, affecting its atmosphere and mechanics.
Created by co curator Kostis Stafylakis and artist Theo Triantafyllidis, this journey waits for you at The Overkill Festival 2023!

Welcome to a Climate-Shifting World: Step into a post-climate change realm, where a once-neoliberal dystopia has given rise to pandemics, mass extinction, and social unrest. Prepare to navigate the eternal gray skies caused by large-scale solar radiation management gone awry, as sulphuric mist clouds the horizon. It’s a realm where the failure of green capitalism has left a power vacuum, paving the way for new factions to rise and claim their destiny.

Join us in this LARP adventure that defies conventions, immerses you in a world of enthralling possibilities, and sparks your wild spirit. Experience the synergy of environmental consciousness and thrilling gameplay as you journey through “The Horde: Goblin Mode.” Are you ready to rewrite the fate of the realm?

LARP Schedule: (for selected LARPer’s)

Every visitors of the festival is welcome to join the LARP during their visit and take on the challenges of the different clans!

More info about the LARP