The festival is hosted in the city center.
Address : Korte Hengelosestraat 1, 7511 JA Enschede


  • Bikes: you can park your bikes in front of the building or in the bike parking next to the station (Stationsstalling Noord, 150m distance).
  • Train : the venue is 450m from the train station
  • Cars: there are no parking space at the venue

The Overkill festival presents an exhibition with interactive and digital art, video games and installations, workshops, a film program, live music and performances.

This year the festival is also the space of a LARP, meaning the exhibition is inhabited by players and visitors are invited to take on a role. (more info on the program page).

To access the festival you need a valid ticket. You can buy the ticket online or at the entrance PIN only.
We have adult tickets and student tickets. The festival is for free for children under 16. The night program (after 22.00) is 18+.

The exhibition is all on one floor.
At the festival you will also find the cinema, the bar, the catering and the podium.
Check the program’s schedule to find where are your favourite programs.
You need to register to participate to most of the workshops.

The Overkill is hosted at the old V&D building in the city center. We have a bar with all kind of drinks available, from coffee to cocktails (soft). There are snacks available during the day and at 18.00 it’s dinner time, served by Madame Jeannette.


The Overkill festival is a safe space.
We ask everyone who enters the festival to be kind and respectful to everyone else. We do not tolerate any form of sexual intimidation, discrimination and aggression. It will lead to an immediate removal from the space. Don’t hesitate to contact any of crew if you encounter any problem.
You can find our complete code of conduct here (link coming soon).


Triggers :

  • The exhibition is full of screens with moving images, projections of diverse sizes, lights of different colours and objects set in the rooms. There will be sounds coming from the artworks as well.
  • There will be a ‘quiet’ room where you can stay and relax, without a lot of input from the outside. The volunteers will be there to help anyone in need to this space.
  • Please note that the whole program of The Overkill Festival and much of the artworks, are in English.


The Overkill festival is for everyone.
Children are also welcome under the supervision of adults.
The evening and night program is for 18 +.
The festival is free for Children under 16.

Check out the program before your visit.


If you have a question regarding accessibility don’t hesitate to contact Niels via mail :

The Overkill festival is possible only thanks to the help of many people and volunteers. You have some time and energy, you like to play, to support artists, to welcome people and the help out?


Yari is the volunteer coordinator, she will get in contact with you very soon after you fill in the form!

The Overkill is the coolest event of the week obviously, but if you come visit us, you might like these other spaces too: