Roodkapje Bus Tour

29-10 Witch Way to The Overkill

Date : 29-10-2022
Location : From Roodkapje to Sickhouse and back
Departure : R’dam – Enschede: 14:30
Enschede – R’dam: 02:00
TICKETS : 35€ early birds / 50€ (after 12-10, 12.00)
Witch Way to the Overkill Festival with Naomi Moonlion
A magical journey back and forth to the Overkill Festival in a mystical bus filled with performances and care-packages, guided by queer, shamanic artist and witch Naomi Moonlion departing from Rotterdam and heading all the way to the Overkill Festival in Enschede where a collective, transformative and sensDuring this trip you will be invited to join artist Naomi Moonlion on their search for belonging. On the way to the Overkill festival, we will spend some time connecting to our bodies and surroundings through the media of sound and sight. They will create and design a carepackage for everyone joining the trip full of nurturing items.
– Relaxing Soundscapes
– Witchy stories, pondering belonging and connection
– Body inclusive meditation
– Care package/start your own altar
– Chill down playlist for the return route
For fans of: Felicia Atkinson, Tabita Rezaire, Ana Mendieta, bell hooks, The Care Collective, Legacy Russels, The Rainbow Fish
(children’s book), Fantasia – Disney (specifically the fairy seasons segment)
The ticket includes:
– A return bus trip between Rotterdam and Enschede
– A one day ticket to Overkill Festival in Enschede
– Performances on the bus ride to the festival
– A specially designed interactive care package for the road
– A meditative unwinding program for the trip back to R’damorial experience awaits.
(more details on RoodKapje’s website)