Tasty Hybrid

2-11 Symposium Royal Dinner

DATE : 2 Nov
TIME : 17.00 to 19.00 online cooking show// 19.30 to 22.00 dinner
LOCATION : online + Tankstation culturele vulpunt
PRICE : 15€ (day ticket festival, also include a visit of the exhibition).
The Symposium of The Overkill Heal Royale is an Hybrid Dinner accessible on site and online. You can be a participant (on site guests and online guests) or watch from a distance (via the stream).
The first part is a cooking show discussion. The speakers are sharing their research while cooking a recipe of their choice. You can follow this part online and prepare the meals too.
The second part is the Hybrid dinner. The dinner guests are asked to take care of each other in order to combine the onsite collective and the from home individual experience.
Each meal will be associated with a question you can react to via Mentimetter. The platform is used as a link between all the participants.
HEAL ROYALE, how do we heal in the time of digitalisation? In a world of multiple and global crises, overload of input and information, screen fatigue and fear of missing out, can we really find space for healing within digital worlds? How can virtual experiences engage with more of our senses, taking account of our physicality, our fragile bodies and our emotional states? When the internet and further the metaverse are often presented as solutions to the ills, it is a necessity to hack these spaces and transform our devices in order to create smelly, tasty bridges, full of dripping textures.
In this symposium we will get inspired by the pleasure of eating and the multiple sensations food can give us to rethink our relation to the digital. We are using dinner rituals to help us discover new ways to behave with our screens and within a digitised reality.

This program is hosted in collaboration with Tetem and Tankstation
Online cooking show : link
Dinner on site : Tankstation, Deurningerstraat 28, 7514 BJ Enschede, Register here (30 seats available) You will also need a valid day or festival ticket.
Dinner online : Each online guest will receive a private zoom link, Register here, (10 spots available). No ticket needed