28-10 Official Opening

DATE: 28-10-2022
LOCATION: Sickhouse 3rd floor
TIMES : 20.00
The Opening of The festival is a moment to get together, celebrate the artists and makers of the festival, thank all the partners and supporters of the event and dive together into the healing process of this new edition.
20.00 Opening speech from Jeroen Diepemaat, Wethouder van Cultuur from Enschede
20.10 Opening words from Aike and Marie, directors of the festival
20.20 Opening performance from all of us.
20.30 to 22.30 DJ Augenblick
20.30 to 21.00 mini tour exhibition via Marie, co director of the festival
21.00 performance Juliette Lizotte, Sisters of the wind
21.00 Film program opening with BUTFF, Aike and Frank
23.00 end of the opening (go to Metropool 🙂
23.00 Sensomnia, multi sensory rave in Metropool