Studio Handiii

Wilbert Vogel

Stella Marbles

Timo Hoogland

Untold Garden and Lundahl & Seitl

Join Handi and Mika in a workshop of abstract character making. Practice drawing yourself as an abstract reflection. (looking in the mirror). What colors, shapes, patterns reflect your inner self? By making shapes and patterns we will create reflections of ourselves that will be presented on a collective stage. Everyone’s images/shapes will be collected in one final image that will be exhibited at Overkill festival. Anyone can join this workshop, no design skills needed. We will work with our hands, interact and share our reflections (spiegelbeeld).

Little note: One thing we want you to do beforehand is think of your favourite song, we will make an amazing playlist for our workshop!

Workshop is performed by
Handi Kim - Founder of Studio Handiii, born in Korea, currently based in the Hague, Netherlands. (@handiiikim)
Mika Schalks - Multidisciplinary designer born in the Netherlands, currently based in the Hague, Netherlands.(@mikaschalks)

Saturday 27-11 workshop at 15.30

Spiegelbeeld, the Play
Studio Handiii with Mika Schalks

Reshape Photography with Code
Wilbert Vogel

Due to the new regulation it is not possible to host this workshop properly. We will look for a new date after January 2022.

Create your mask with Stella Marbles

Join us for a mask making workshop with Stella Marbles. Stella’s unique mask-based performance art has been showcased around the world, from NYC’s Bushwig Festival to Tate Britain, and regularly takes the stage in London’s renowned clubs and cabaret spaces.In this workshop Stella will walk you through each step of building a mask, so that you can explore the power of transformation and tap into your alter ego, gaining the skills to make your own! You will be able to take your mask home with you at the end of the event.

Stella Marbles is a mask designer, creative director, events producer and queer performance artist. As a creative director, Stella’s work has spanned the music, fashion, lifestyle and entertainment industries, collaborating with artists and brands to create unique multimedia experiences and content that bring diverse LGBTQ+ talent into campaigns and the public eye. Stella produces a range of club nights and immersive nightlife events in London, showcasing alternative drag and queer performance art. Most notable is their monthly club night and brand: COOKIE JAR.

Date: Saturday 4-12 13.30 - due to the new regulation Stella will only host one workshop session - please sign up here the ticket shop

Live coding in Mercury
Timo Hoogland

Join this crash-course into the exciting world of live coding music for absolute beginners. No previousknowledge of programming required, only a desire to express yourself creatively! During this workshop you will be introduced to the live coding environment Mercury. Mercury is a minimal and human-readable language focusing on quick expression in composition, performing and communication of livecoded music. Mercury is a great environment to get introduced to the amazing worlds of live coding, creative coding, algorithmic composition, electronic music and of course the Algorave scene! In this workshop you will learn how to generate different rhythms with algorithms and probabilities, play sound samples from the computer, how to make synthesized sounds and much more. You can change the code while it’s running and hear the changes in real time.

Date: Saturday 4-12 at 14.00 please sign up to reserve your spot via the ticket shop

Skills: no programming or musical experience required!
Computer: Bring your own laptop and (wired) headphones
System requirements:

• Mac:
– OS X 10.11.6 or later
– Intel Core i5 processor (or faster recommended)
– 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended)

• Windows:
– Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
– 64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core processor (Intel Core i5 processor or faster recommended)
– 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended)

• Installed software:
– Google Chrome (or Chromium based Web Browser)

Unknown Clouds
Untold Garden and Lundahl & Seitl

Unknown Cloud Forming transforms the everyday technologies that mediate our digital existence in a radically different way and then repurposes them as tools to reach another level of collective experience. This nomadic artwork will evolve until 2057 constantly mutating alongside political, technological and environmental climates.

An event of the Cloud is preceded by an online rumour that it is a channel between the life worlds of human, non-human, geological entities and life forms. Similar to a flash mob, the Unknown Cloud forms through the outdoor gathering of strangers. ‘Unknown Cloud’ relies on the perceived dualism of reality and artifice generated by the collaboration and imagination of a temporary community.

You may encounter the Unknown Cloud on social media platforms or hear about it being programmed in an upcoming festival. You download an app which directs you to gather in a physical location, within a limited time window, at dusk. If enough people gather, they will form the Cloud in the location: a square, a park, field or on a height over the city. As soon as you run the experience, your device ceases to be a smartphone and becomes a bi-directional sensory extension to your body.

By following the choreography of the artwork, participants are not only using technology as a bio-mimetic device to immerse themselves in the lifeworld of other creatures on earth, but they are drawn into an interdependent collaboration with each other to form a superorganism, 'listening with their hands' they spread out beyond the borders of their own body gradually transitioning into the collective.

Saturday 4-12 at 15:30 please sign up via the ticket store (no extra costs) 15 spots max

The piece runs on iOS, iphones 7 or later. It uses 4G. Participants must download the app before attending, bring their phone fully charged, and wear headphones. (please let us know if you do not have an Iphone and we can look into getting one for you to use)