WARP JAM is inviting every creative mind to join their skills to imagine interactive works around the theme of the festival. No matter if you are working solo or in teams, you will meet new people and find out what you are capable of creating in one weekend! From artists, to game makers to musicians or curious visitors you are all welcome!If you get stuck, you will get guided by our super cool team of SPACE INVADERS!

The Kick off will take place on Friday 26-11 at 18.00 in Sickhouse (3rd floor of WARP Technopolis) with 3 inspiring guests presenting their own work. 
Louisa Teichmann will talk about the development of her LARP game EtherAxis  
Lisa Mantel will host a small workshop about creating digital safe spaces Nkhensani Mkhari, co curator of The Overkill will talk about their working process.

Join the discord channel to follow the development of every team and meet up together ;)

With your ticket you get access to an entire weekend of The Overkill (art / gaming / music) Festival in Enschede and join the creative jam! Tickets here.

Warp Jam is from Friday 26-11 to Sunday 28-11, the award ceremony is Friday 3-12



In Exploration mode, Zuraida Buter, founder of Zo-ii and Marie Janin, co-director of The Overkill festival are meeting online to explore virtual spaces. For this very special edition they will meet inside the festival and explore every space together, giving a chance to online visitors to discover the physical exhibition.

You can follow the video stream and use the chat to communicate with the 2 playful curators but most of the time you can also join them in the exploration in the chosen space itself. Don’t hesitate to ask your questions, give your impressions or help them out in their discoveries.

Exploration mode is a monthly program started during The Overkill 2020. Together Zuraida and Marie explore online spaces, created for events, exhibitions or meetings. Taking the time to look in every corner they invite the public to join in the online worlds or follow the stream in these playful visits. You can watch back the previous episodes here.

Zo-ii is a playful culture organisation that curates, consults and documents events focused on games, design and play. http://www.zo-ii.com/

Exploration mode is Sunday 28-11 at 15.00 link to the stream here

What Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos can do, you can do too. And hopefully better. So become a rocket builder and reboot the internet, in this game by artist Floris Kaayk.

In Next Space Rebels, you will develop from a naive rocket hobbyist into an experienced space activist by designing, building and launching rockets of increasing complexity.

The speculative storytelling project is at the intersection of gaming, art, hacker and DIY rocket communities. Together with a global community on the so-called Starnet you will build and launch your own rockets to establish an independent internet with your own satellites.A new, alternative online network is the goal. In this sense, the project is an activist statement about the democratization of space and the current status of the Internet. Space is for everyone.

This installation is presented by our partner Planetartin the first floor of WARP Technopolis.