Experimental mini games

Bizzarioware is your all access pass to wasting time immersed in a fast-paced hypercosmic void of micro design. That distant yet familiar feeling of throwing back an off-brand energy drink as you race down the freeway two hours before the sun comes up and underglows bypass your pupils, piercing straight through your retinas. 

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Narrative focused game presented by Pizzapranks

Will Die Alone is a game about memories, experiences, and how they shape who you are as a person.Alex finds herself in a house in the middle of nowhere with a job that no one wants to do. Deleting memories of clients is something she wouldn’t wish on her worst enemy. Whatever memory she decides to delete will change her clients’ lives forever. With the computer provided by the corporation, she will have to analyse clients’ files and find a way to solve their problems, but every choice comes with a price.

Will Die Alone

Arianna Ravioli

kaleidoscopic creativity presented by Pizzapranks

In Fuzz Dungeon you play as a rat dog witch who escapes her job through a hidden vault and enters the Fuzz Dungeon - a space in between thought and reality, where ideas ruminate in limbo before turning into real life consequences. By entering different buildings throughout the dungeon you take on many different forms from 8-bit style to hand-drawn to a 3d satellite bird that shoots down floating space heads. Travel through an absurdist version of human history as you try and find a sasquatch sex amulet that will, for some reason, enable you to visit the suburbs of the Fuzz Dungeon where you can defeat a sasquatch statue and abolish bad ideas forever.

Fuzz Dungeon

Jeremy Couillard

Four part bitsy & twine game presented by Pizzapranks

Madotsuki’s closet is a four part bitsy & twine game about yume nikki and Bagenzo.Play and learn what really happened to madotsuki as well as the true story of Bagenzo becoming trans after reading yume nikki fan theories.

Madotsuki’s closet


Presented by Pizzapranks

SkateRPG is a skateboarding RPG game where you explore the city of Ollielá by learning skateboarding tricks, playing skateboard minigames, doing skate rides and talking to the townspeople.

Skate RPG

Daniel Dante

Multiplayer presented by Pizzapranks

Chumball is a fictional sport for frog people.


Amber Hope

EtherAxis (2021)

Camilo García A., Emilia Tapprest, Erik Peters, Federico Poni, Louisa Teichmann & Victor Evink

LARP game

EtherAxis is an interactive game installation and reflection tool aiming to challenge the inner paradigms that shape our perception of realities. The physical relic that forms the base for this game shape-shifts in different contexts.

The structure of the gameboard emphasises four main axes, each connected to multiple ancient symbols of alchemy, hacked to uncover their original meanings. In this constellation of four interlaced geographic grids, the dreamer wanders through bridging fields on a spatiotemporal axis. Throughout the Overkill, EtherAxis lures you into the streets to find its messages hidden in plain sight, stepping over to the worlds floating in the ether.

EtherAxis is the result of an ongoing collaboration between Camilo García A, Emilia Tapprest, Erik Peters, Federico Poni, Louisa Teichmann & Victor Evink, as part of the Hamburger Community of Live & Art trajectory of Roodkapje. With the participation of Queer Arcana as performers.

Image credit: Emilia Tapprest

reserve your spot for Sunday 28-11 or Sunday 5-12

Gaming performance

Orchid Collector is a video game, a live performance, and a chaotic system on overdrive. It is set in a hypnotic maze made of wildflowers where orchids are scrutinised and identified, collectible cards are played and dream sequences interrupt. Three characters are performed by the members of Fantasia Malware - The Orchid Collector, The Mistress of the Codex and The Maze Runner. Together the trio drive a baroque and bureaucratic system of orchid identification and collection, while careening through lush mazes of twitching and throbbing flowers. In this special version of the game developed for The Overkill Festival, the performers will swap roles multiple times throughout the performance. The audience will determine which identity each performer assumes next, adding a new element of identity chaos to the wreck. Orchid Collector combines digital game development and real time performance to create a fantastical and frantic system, driven by absurd rules and polychromatic insanity.

Gaming performance Saturday 27-11 14.00

Orchid Collector

Fantasia Malware

Game about sexual desireJason

“Imagine how your body is trembling with sexual desire to someone inaccessible. It's so close; you're almost touching. A pungent, sweet body odour spreads, and you can smell it. It's hard to even make a sound. A lump rises in your throat. Your chest squeezes softly, and you feel a slight chill covering your entire body. All you can hear is the rapid, continuous pulse of blood in your ears.”This is how you will crave freedom in "SUNA: RED". As soon as you get a taste of this freedom for the first time, all your barriers will collapse to finally lose yourself in the act of love and union.

Winner Sickhouse Eurogaming vision 2021

Suna Red

Jason Vakker

Mini simulation game

Build knockoff miniatures for clients with ridiculous requests. Assemble, paint and add effects to your creations while dealing with wonky tools and unexpected hazards. Don't bother looking for an Undo button—there are none in this anti-perfectionist workshop simulator.

Thing Maker: Make A Thing!

Casa Rara

Mobile Game

Anxietyware is a collection of quick-fire minigames based on the creator’s recurring dreams. Dodge falling trees, glue broken teeth or escape a rising sea before time’s up, or lose a life. Play increasingly stressful levels to see how long you can survive before waking up from this absurd nightmare.


Kate Killick

Visual novel game

Welcome to the Kabaret - where monsters from Southeast Asian myths and folklore dwell. Decipher tea leaves, play traditional games, and question your humanity.Kabaret is a Southeast Asian visual novel filled with monsters from myths and folktales from the region. "The truth is this, every monster you have ever met, was once a human being."


Persona Theory

湯圓 [tong jyun] is a little chat about cooking & culture. Play as Polly Chan, a Chinese American whose only knowledge of Chinese comes from speaking with her mom at home and the Saturday school lessons she didn't really pay attention to. Help her make tong jyun to celebrate the Lantern Festival even though she doesn't even know how to write tong jyun in Chinese.


npckc & sdhizumi 

'What's your gender?' is an antichamber inspired educational puzzle game, that allows the player to simultaneously explore a non-euclidean maze and concepts and terms related to gender, identity and expression in a playful and reassuring manner.

What's your gender?

Purple Sloth Studios

Mini game

Fill your inner void and connect via exchanging presents.

Gift Exchange Machine


Management game

Spiritfarer is a cozy management game about dying. You play Stella, ferrymaster to the deceased, a Spiritfarer. Build a boat to explore the world, then befriend and care for spirits before finally releasing them into the afterlife. Farm, mine, fish, harvest, cook, and craft your way across mystical seas. Join the adventure as Daffodil the cat, in two-player cooperative play. Spend relaxing quality time with your spirit passengers, create lasting memories, and, ultimately, learn how to say goodbye to your cherished friends. What will you leave behind?


Thunder Lotus Games